Chompadoodle’s turnkey mobile solution can help you enhance your brand and improve your revenue. Chompadoodle provides your customers quick access to detailed information on every product you sell, that is exactly mapped to that customer’s specific food preference. For example, you might have a customer that says “I am gluten free, but am really trying to watch my sodium intake and buy local.” With Chompadoodle you can exactly cater to this individual and to every other customer’s unique requirements. Best of all, this is all achievable without altering any shelf labeling.

Chompadoodle’s solution includes:

  • Giving customers an opportunity to define a personalized food profile that outlines what types of foods they do want to eat and what things they do not want to include in their diets.
  • A way for customers to opt in to micro-targeted alerts for food promotions or notifications that map to their established profile.
  • Web and mobile applications customized to your brand that help your customers locate exactly the types of foods they need.
  • Tools for you to create your own food categorizations or use any established categories on your specific inventory