Why Should I Use Chompadoodle?


According to a June 2015 survey by Consumer Reports, a third of Americans have tried an eating “fad” in the past two years. But, 36% of customers get irritated when servers don’t know how the restaurant supports specific eating preferences.


Chompadoodle's service is a tool for restaurants to better communicate with customers who have specific needs.  


When a customer asks:   “What do you have that is dairy free?” Or gluten free, or GMO free, or organic, or vegetarian, etc – you can refer them to your menu on Chompadoodle where the customers can quickly sort your menu by a variety of the most frequently requested food preferences.  They can see at a glance how you can support those with allergies or strong food preferences.  




With Chompadoodle you can even use it to provide customers nutritional information on menu items, without having to publish this information directly on your menu.


Benefits to Restaurants – How Does Chompadoodle Help You?




How It All Works

Getting started with Chompadoodle is very easy:

1. Sign up*

2. Email us your menu

3. We’ll load your menu and send it back to you for validation

4. Validate your menu / Go live


Then once a customer comes in simply point them to chompadoodle.com on their phone and they can immediately be presented with your menu. From there they can search/sort by whatever labels matter to them.


Menu changes? No problem. Just email them over to us and we’ll do all of the work of keeping them updated.


* We have different tiers of service. Tier 3 (Sweet & Savory) is outlined above where we take care of all menu entry for you. Plus with Tier 3 you get our proximity functionality that lets a customer just pull up chompadoodle.com and immediately be presented with your menu – without scanning QR codes or navigating to a long  URL. See below for a full breakdown on the differences between the tiers.

Chompadoodle’s Different Tiers of Service




Yummy, no spice


Sweet & Savory!

Post your menu on Chompadoodle.com

Access to menu creation tools to maintain menu

Label menu items based on the labels you choose

Get QR code for quick access of your menu by customers

Window Sticker and in restaurant cards with QR code

Inclusion in searches by local customers who are searching for specific food preferences

Upload of menu by our menu creation team

Post nutritional information on menu items  

Access to analytics dashboard to see what your customers are searching for


Ability to put a link on your website so customers can quickly access dietary info on your menu items


All menu changes handled by our team of menu creation specialists


Use of nutritional analysis software to obtain nutritional information on your menu items


Proximity tools so customers can get to your menu automatically by pulling up Chompadoodle.com


Receive monthly reports on the types of labels customers in your local area are searching for